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Hayden White, Sydney, 2005

Hayden White (University of Califronia at Santa Cruz/Stanford University)

The History-Memory Problem

wtorek, 11 pazdziernik 2005, godz. 17.3o, s. 118, Instytut Historii, UAM, ul. Sw. Marcin 78, Poznan


Abstract: In "The History-Memory Problem" I take up a point raised by Paul Ricoeur in his book, La Memoire, l'Histoire, l'Oubli, concerning the way in which survivor testimony has transformed the traditional way of regarding the relation between historical knowledge, on the one hand, and personal (and the so-called "collective") memory, on the other. Where it was once thought that history had the function of correcting memory, survivor testimony has had the effect of adding a new topic to historical research: image history considered as a key to the comprehension of the history of (structures of) feeling (Raymond Williams).


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