Seminars for graduate students

prof. dr hab. Ewa Domańska
Faculty of History, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań
Friday, 10:30-12:45 / ZOOM

honorary patronage: Hayden White Research Center for Narrative Modes (AMU)



The aim of the course is to demonstrate the methodological specificity of historical knowledge in the context of research in the humanities. A further aim is to develop students’ familiarity with debates regarding theoretical and methodological problems in humanities scholarship (particularly history) in the interdisciplinary field of studies of the past. The course will explore the following issues: contemporary reflections on academic research as a particular form of organizing knowledge; relations between knowledge, science and common sense; the axiological engagement of the humanities/historical research; procedures of argumentation and interpretation; theories, models and methods of research; scientific paradigms and scientific revolutions; the geography of knowledge and the problem of Eurocentrism; methodological problems of time and transtemporality; indigenous epistemologies and methodologies; post-anthropocentrism as a challenge to humanities methodology; critical approaches to historicity and historical thinking; problems of constructivism, relativism and research methods. During the course students will acquire skills in defining concepts, creating their own analytical categories, and developing theories based on empirical research (grounded theory) conducted as part of developing their doctoral dissertations.
There will be seven sessions, each lasting three teaching units (2h 15 mins).


Participants are required to attend classes and participate actively in sessions, critically assess the recommended readings, and write a research paper on a subject chosen by the participant that is relevant to his/her doctoral dissertation (15 standard pages, minimum 4000 words). Deadline for submitting papers: 2 February 2021.



6 November 2020
1. Jerzy Topolski’s approach to methodology of history / relations between methodology, theory and philosophy of history


27 November 2020
2. Geography of Knowledge and the Problem of Eurocentrism

Additional readings


4 December 2020
3. Methodological Problems of Time and Transtemporality
Special guest: Marek Tamm / intro: Hugo Merlo

Additional Readings


11 December 2020
4. Indigenous Epistemologies and Methodologies  
intro: Patricia Aranha

Additional Readings


8 January 2020
5. Non- or Post-Anthropocentrism as a Challenge to the Methodology of Humanities
intro: Gabriela Jarzębowska and Taynna Marino

Additional Readings


22 January 2021 [17:30-19:45]
6. Critical Approaches to Historicity and Historical Thinking
Special guest: Dipesh Chakrabarty
intro: Marcelo Durão Rodrigues da Cunha and Tomek Wiśniewski


28 January 2021 [13:00-15:15]
7. How to build a theory? [workshop]

Kathy Charmaz, Constructing Grounded Theory: A Practical Guide Through Qualitative Analysis. Sage, 2006.