Ranjan Ghosh

Department of English
Darjeeling Government College 
West Bengal Education Service 
Government of West Bengal 
emai: nonhistorian@rediffmail.com


Ranjan Ghosh 2006
Hinduization, Representation and Discourse:
Indian History in Perspective 

February 27 – March 3, 2006
15.oo-16.3o, room 118 
Department of History Adam Mickiewicz University
ul. sw. Marcin 78, Poznan


1. Monday, February 27
Hindus and British historiography: Did the Hindus really lack a sense of History?
2. Tuesday, February 28
Hindu Religious Revivalism and 19th c Bengal 
3. Wednesday, March 1
Hindutva, Savarkar and Hindu Mahasabha: a critique of Saffron Identity 
4. Thursday, March 2
Aggressive Hinduism & the Mandir-Masjid saga 
5. Friday, March 3
Nation and its Identity: Engaging „Secularism” 

Information: dr Ewa Domanska, Department of History, Adam Mickiewicz University, ul. sw. Marcin 78
tel.: (0-61) 829 4766; email: ewa@amu.edu.pl

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