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Ian Hodder, Stanford, 2004

Ian Hodder (Stanford University)

Archaeology, anthropology and history: 
some issues of method 

sroda, 14 grudnia 2005, godz. 17.3o, sala im. Jozefa Burszty (I pietro),
Instytut Historii UAM, ul. Sw. Marcin 78, Poznan


Abstract: If we can argue that history emerges before or without writing, it should be the case that the boundaries between history, archaeology and ethnography begin to blur. And indeed reflexive approaches derived from ethnography have been applied in archaeology, and material culture can be seen as having historical agency. And we seem to be able to talk of the 'rights' of material objects. Yet methodological differences remain, even if they are not confined within traditional disciplinary boundaries.


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Instytut Prahistorii UAM, ul. sw. Marcin 78, Poznan

Violence and transcedence at the origins of civilization (.pdf)
piatek, 16 grudnia, godz. 1o.oo
Dom Studencki "Jowita", ul. Zwierzyniecka 7, Poznan, sala A

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